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Brother Arm D & Shoe Clamp for PR655 Center Tongue

Brother Shoe Clamp for PR655 Center Tongue

About the Product

Ideal for the sides of a shoe or shoe tongue, these frames are designed with exceptional grip strength to hold the items in place during embroidering. The arm size is designed small enough to fit down into most shoe sides and still have an adequate stitch field for logos, flags, initials, names, numbers etc. The frame has an aggressive non-slip surface to hold leather and nylon secure during embroidery. It works well with backpacks, gloves, pockets, hats, cuffs and more!For Use With: Entrepreneur Pro PR655, PR655C, and Entrepreneur Pro PR1000/PR1000e with firmware 4.10 or later.

Main Features

For Use With: Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X, Entrepreneur PR655, Entrepreneur Pro PR1000, Entrepreneur Pro PR1000e, PR-655C