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Baby Lock Solaris 2 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Solaris 2

Model Number: BLSA2

Solaris 2’s built-in IQ Visionary™ projector displays stitches and embroidery designs directly on the fabric. Resize, move or make other adjustments with the touch of a wireless stylus – all while seeing it happen in real time before you sew it out. Perfect placement is achieved every time.


The Baby Lock Solaris 2 sewing and embroidery machine features include:

  • IQ Visionary™ Projector
  • 10-5/8" x 16" and 10-5/8" x 10-5/8" Hoop Sizes
  • IQ Intuition™ Monitoring App
  • IQ™ Designer
  • End Point Setting for Sewing
  • 865 Built-In Designs

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Optional Accessories Solaris 2 Included Accessories
• Love of Sewing Membership (LOSML1)
• Baby Lock Palette 11 Software (ECS11)
• Trolley Set (BLMTXL-BK)
• Solaris 30 foot kit (BLSAFTKIT)
• Extension table (BLSA-ET)
• Machine Cover (BL-COVERXL)
• Multifunction Foot Control (BLMA-MFC)
• W+ Needle Beam Foot (BLTY-EF)
• Embroidery Positioning Sheets (BLSO-EPS)
• Embroidery Bobbins (BLG-BOB)
• Baby Lock Stabilizer Precut Pack (BLT103-PPC)
• Baby Lock Stabilizer Trial Pack (BLSTP)
• Baby Lock Stabilizer Value Pack (BLS20KT)
• Baby Lock Ruler Foot (BL-HOTRF)
• Baby Lock Ruler Kits (BLRK-HSLA, BLRK2-HSLA, BLRK3-HSLA)
• Magnifying lens (BLMA-ML)
• Dynamic Walking Foot Set (BLSA-WF)
• Additional embroidery hoops
         Magnetic Sash Frame 14" x 7" (360mm x 180mm) (BLSA-MH)
10-5/8" x 16" (272mm x 408mm) hoop (EF99)
10-5/8" x 10-5/8" (272mm x 272mm) hoop (EF101)
9-1/2" x 14" (240mm x 360mm) hoop (EF95)
        9-1/2" x 9-1/2" (240mm x 240mm) hoop (EF97)
8" x 12" (200mm x 300mm) hoop (EF92)
6-1/4" x 10-1/4" (160mm x 260mm) hoop (EF81)
8" x 8" (200mm x 200mm) hoop (EF91)
6" x 6" (150mm x 150mm) hoop (BLMA-150)
5" x 7" (130mm x 180mm) hoop (EF75)
4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm hoop (EF74)
1" x 2-1/2" (20mm x 60mm) hoop (EF73)
Continuous Border Hoop 4" x 7" (100mm X 180mm) (BLSO-BF)
Continuous Border Hoop 4" x 12" (100mm X 300mm) (BLMA-CBH)
• Embroidery Grids
        10-5/8" x 16" (272mm x 408mm) grid sheet (EF100)
10-5/8" x 10-5/8" (272mm x 272mm) grid sheet (EF102)
9-1/2" x 9-1/2" (240mm x 240mm) grid sheet (EF98)
        5" x 7" (130mm x 180mm) grid sheet (EF79)
4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm) grid sheet (EF78)

Dual Stylus and Holder
Adjustable knee lifter with 3-position handle
17 Presser feet
        1/4" Quilting foot with a guide 
        Blind stitch
Button fitting
Camera Detecting Buttonhole with stabilization plate
Couching Dual Feed
Digital Dual-Feed System
Embroidery foot "W"
Embroidery couching Y
        Free-motion echo
Free-motion open toe quilting
Free-motion quilting 
        General purpose
Straight Stitch
Easy-lock accessory case for presser foot storage with 3 interchangeable trays
2 Thread king spool stand for larger cones
Straight stitch needle plate
Bobbin case and cover for embroidery
Bobbin Covers with and without markings
Alternate bobbin case for use with pre-wound bobbins
Bobbin center pin
Embroidery bobbin thread
Embroidery Positioning Stickers (2 Sheets)
White Needle calibration stickers
Multi-position screwdriver
Presser foot adaptor
Seam ripper
Eyelet Punch
Spool nets (2)
Foot control
Twin needle
Scanning frame with magnets
Embroidery hoops 
        10-5/8" x 16” (272mm x 408mm) 
10-5/8” x 10-5/8” (272mm x 272mm)
5" x 7" (130mm x 180mm)
4" x 4” (100mm x 100mm)
Yarn guide for sewing couching
Yarn guide for embroidery couching
Yarn threader
End-point stickers (4 sheets, 243 stickers
per sheet

(available for purchase in-store only)