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Information and Expectations for Classes and Events

Sew Easy Sewing values your business and most of all your friendship. Please observe the following courtesies to help ensure that everyone has a good day, including the staff. 

If you have questions about a class or event or need clarification on the supply list, please call the store or stop in to see us in person.

Participant requirements:

  • Register and pay at least 4 days in advance (some exceptions may be made for out of town guests). Registration fees are not refundable except in the case that Sew Easy Sewing cancels the class or event. Classes will be canceled if we have no participants 3 days prior to the scheduled date unless other arrangements are made. 
  • Arrive with enough time to get set up and be ready to start on time.
  • Provide your own sewing or embroidery machine in good working condition or reserve a store machine* in advance.
  • Have a basic knowledge of your own machine and basic sewing skills unless you're attending a Beginning Sewing Class.
  • Provide your own supplies unless they are listed as part of the fee for a class or event.
    • *If we have one available, you can rent a floor model machine for use during class for a small fee.
Stations (tables, spaces): Limited sewing stations are available. Stations are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. We do not reserve stations except during special events. If you want a particular seat, arrive early.

Machines: Machines will not be "repaired" or adjusted during class time with the exception of minor issues and only if store staff are available. Maintenance can be scheduled for a later time for a fee (unless you have Gold Standard or Love Of Sewing). If you would like to continue working on the class/workshop without having to run home for a spare machine you can rent a store machine until your main machine is functioning.

If you are unable or do not want to bring your own machine for a class, club, or workshop, you may rent a store machine for $10 per day ($5 for VIPs) provided we have one available. Please call ahead to reserve a machine.

Supplies: Please bring your own supplies (thread, material, stabilizers, spray adhesive, etc). Supplies are available for purchase should you run out or forget something. If you need a scrap or two or something small, please ask a staff member if there is something available that would be suitable for your project.
Rulers, Scissors, Rotary Cutters, Notions: Please bring your own and mark them with ribbon, nail polish, or something else that will distinguish them from everyone else's. If you need to borrow one of ours, please use it at the cutting station OR check it out in the composition book on the back cutting table and check it back in when you return it to the table. We hate to implement these "rules" but things have been growing legs and walking out. We are sure it isn't intentional and we're hopeful this will help us curtail these "runaways."

Staff (employees): The staff at Sew Easy Sewing are always willing to help you and answer questions. If you are in a paid class, you are their priority during the class. If you are at a free club event (Breakfast Club, etc) then the telephone and customers on the sales floor are their priority but they will come and help with the club when they are available. The staff will be happy to help if they can. 

Work areas:
Please throw threads and scraps into the trash cans. The threads are not good for our vacuum cleaner and the floor doesn't clean itself. Please clean your work area at least ten minutes prior to the close of business or end of class. If food or drink spills onto the table, please ask for a wipe to clean up the area.

Snacks, water, coffee, candy:
We are happy to provide a limited supply of "snacks" at the back table. Snacks may be provided by Sew Easy Sewing, staff, or other participants. Please enjoy! If you have allergies or sensitivities please ask about ingredients before partaking. 

Lunch: All participants are responsible for their own lunch unless otherwise specified for an event. You're welcome to bring a brown bag, order in, get something to go and bring it back, or eat out and return. The staff at Sew Easy Sewing is not allowed to order lunch for customers.

Food and Drink: 
Please put all food trash, wrappers, plates, napkins, etc. into the trashcan nearest the snack table. Please empty all liquids into the restroom sink before tossing the cup or bowl into the trash. Trash cans near the work stations are for scraps and threads.