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M&S Textiles Australia is found with the dream of empowering the Australian Aboriginal Designs to create on-demand, custom-designed textiles. Australian Aboriginal or Indigenous designs are colourful, vibrant and decorative. It is one of the longest continuing traditional arts in the world.

This tradition goes back to over 50,000 years. In early days, the Aboriginal people performed cave painting, rock painting, sand or ground painting, etc. At present the Aboriginal artworks are sought after items both in Australia and worldwide. Since 1990, M&S Textiles Australia is the largest manufacturer of Australian Aboriginal designs printed on good quality 100% cotton fabric. We source our fabrics from 100% natural cotton & eco-friendly manner.

At M&S Textiles Australia, all our designs are created by Australian Aboriginal artists and their experience with the Dreamtime. The designs are crafted using only the colours seen in nature; because of this, our fabrics work very well together with other fabrics. During the process of converting the original artwork to the printed fabrics, we work very closely with the mill to replicate the ideas and intentions of the artists. This is our way of paying the respect to the artist. Further, M&S Textiles licenses each artwork showcased on the website and pays a fair share of the price to the artist or the aboriginal community.

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