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Embroidery Deduper FAQ

Q: Does it really work?
A: YES! I have personally been using the Embroidery Deduper for the past year and I LOVE it. It really saves me a lot of time and space on my computer. My favorite feature is the unzipping and saving zip files to a separate drive on my computer; it gives me an "automatic" backup of all my files.

Duplicate File Handling

Q: Does it remove design files that are the same but have a number after them and how are duplicates detected?
A: The Embroidery Deduper can detect "Exact" matches regardless of the filename. If, for example, you have three copies of a particular bird design named bird.pes, bird_1.pes, and bird_2.pes the Embroidery Deduper recognizes that they are the same file with different names so it will recommend deletion of the extra copies. The Embroidery Deduper also compares other things such as the file size and it checks byte by byte to find a match; if there is any slight variation, they are not considered duplicates and will not be deleted.

The Embroidery Deduper also looks at the file extension .pes, .hus, .dst and so on to remove the duplicate formats.

Q: What if I want to keep duplicates in different categories? Will the Embroidery Deduper delete those duplicates?
A: No, as long as you have the Dedup level set to the second-level, it will only delete duplicates within each folder rather than all the folders. You could also choose to Dedup each folder individually at the top-level in order to keep copies in different folders.

Q: What happens to the non-embroidery files such as the text file and the images?
A: Normally those files are left alone, however, there is an option to also Dedup those files. Under the Duplicate File Handling tab you can place a checkmark in the box that says "Detect duplicates of non-embroidery files" to remove duplicate text and image files.

Q: What if I have a particular design in only one format but it is not my preferred format? Do I need to convert it to my preferred format first?
A: No, that is not necessary. You can set up your preferences with the most preferred format first, followed by the second most preferred format, and so on. If your preferred format is not available, the Embroidery Deduper will select the second most preferred format, if that is not available it will select the third most preferred format and so on. The Embroidery Deduper will never delete all copies of a file, it will always keep the one nearest the top of your list.

Q: What embroidery formats are supported?
A: The Embroidery Deduper currently supports preferred-format processing for the following formats: PES, HUS, JEF, JEF+, DST, XXX, SEW, ART, PCS, PEC, PCM, PSW, EMD, VIP, VP3, CSD, EXP, BMC, SHV, 10O. Additional formats will be supported in future program updates. In addition the Embroidery Deduper can detect exact duplicates of other files if enabled in the preference settings.

Q: Can I keep files in more than one format?
A: Yes, using the "Retain Additional Types" preference setting you can tell the Embroidery Deduper to keep any number of additional embroidery formats as long as they are available on your computer.

Q: Can I review the files to be removed BEFORE deleting them forever?
A: Yes, Embroidery Deduper will automatically give you a list of files in order to compare the one being deleted with the file that it is keeping. If you aren't sure you want a particular file to be deleted you can uncheck the box next to it and it will not be deleted. You can also choose to have the files moved to a different folder rather than deleting them.

Q: What are "Probable Duplicates" and why are they displayed in a different window?
A: By default, the Embroidery Deduper attempts to perform additional analysis to try and identify files that exhibit characteristics of duplicate files. While these files are probably duplicates, there is a chance that they may not be actual duplicates and simply exhibit some characteristics of duplicates. Because of this, it is very important to apply extra scrutiny to these findings. When this option is enabled, a separate "Probable Duplicates" summary window will be displayed, indicating the files found. If you wish, you can disable the detection of probable duplicates by selecting the "Skip identification of probable duplicates" radio button in the "Duplicate File Handling" tab of the program Preferences.

Zip Files

Q: What happens to zip files?
A: By default, the Embroidery Deduper extracts the files into a folder of the same name, deletes the .zip or .rar file, and then dedups the folder. There are two ways you can change the handling of these files. You can choose to skip the processing of these files altogether, or you can choose to have the .zip or .rar file moved to a separate archive folder once it's been processed instead of deleting it.

I personally choose to have the .zip files moved to a folder on a separate portable hard-drive as a precaution against a computer crash.

Q: Is there a way to re-zip the files after they've been processed?
A: No, at the current time that is not an option but it is being considered for a future release of the software.


Q: What are the minimum hardware and software requirements?
A: The Embroidery Deduper runs on Windows 98 and above, including Windows Vista (32-bit). A minimum screen resolution of 800x600, 15 MB of free hard drive space, and 256 MB of RAM is also required. It is recommended that you have at least 512 MB of RAM.

Q: Can I install the Embroidery Deduper on more than one computer?
A: Unfortunately, the Embroidery Deduper is designed to work on the computer on which it was activated. The licensing is on a per computer basis. The activation key that is received during the activation process ties the license key to your computer and won't work on another computer. The activation key is different from the license key that you receive in the e-mail at the time of your purchase. It is automatically created from our server on the Internet when you click the "Activate Automatically" button, and is then tied to your computer. The only way to install and activate the Embroidery Deduper on multiple computers is to purchase separate licenses for each one. Discounts are available to customers wishing to purchase multiple licenses. Please use the contact us form for more information.

If you are sharing your embroidery design folder over a home network, such as between a laptop and a desktop computer, you could have the Embroidery Deduper installed on your main computer and then dedup the files over the network drive.

Q: What happens if my computer crashes or I replace my computer?
A: If you reformat your hard drive or buy a new computer please contact Gran's Workroom telling them what happened, please include your license key. They will reset the activation of your license, which will allow you to activate the license on the new computer. Please keep in mind that the Embroidery Deduper is licensed on a per-computer basis, so you would be transferring the existing license to the new computer. The Embroidery Deduper should not be installed on more than one computer at a time using the same license key.

Q: How is the Embroidery Deduper distributed, is it a download or CD?
A: The Embroidery Deduper is available via Internet download. After downloading, you are welcome to burn the software to a CD for backup purposes only. The download is only around 5 MB. Generally, packaged discs are available from traditional storefronts or at Embroidery Conferences though we may offer this option in the future.